The Mimco living design continues the story of the unique Mimco furniture, which has been going on since 1992, and to which we have added many new opportunities to grow and develop. We make handcrafted, custom pieces, not lagging behind prestigious European and world’s furniture manufacturers by their quality, form and functionality, and our interior designer are able to offer impeccable and innovative solutions for designing every kind of your space.

Art Of Living

The Mimco living furniture represents a harmony between amusing and important, tender and serious moments, which make everyday life special and inimitable. We present to our clients the Art of Living concept, which implies a pleasant experience of every segment of living, specifically the things that surround us in the space and time we share with our loved ones.


The Mimco living philosophy of design is to motivate people to become themselves the creators of their living space.  

The space we live and work in defines and inspires us, gives to our day the colour, sound and form and, therefore, our greatest ambition is to show the people how they can live comfortably and in accordance with their own values and rules. 

Mimco living offers you the comfort and style arousing the feeling of belonging and the sense of wholeness.

Our Mission

The mission of Mimco living is to offer to our clients the highest quality furniture, supreme materials and original solutions in the space organisation. To let them be what they are in their own home and to live their lives, because it’s not beautiful forms that make our lives fulfilling, but rather memories attached to them.

Mimco living offers to you infinite possibilities to make, using our collection, an ideal appearance of the world which is only yours, and to experience the interior designing as creating a more beautiful life. 

We are focused on the quality, functionality, and beautiful appearance. Only when combined, the impeccable form and impressive content can create an environment you may enjoy with all of your senses.

Out team is composed of top experts, designers, architects, stylists, fashion artists, able to interpret preferences and style of every client and to offer by combining the best material with original creations a rich, charming and timeless signature design. 

You are invited to experience in our Showroom at Terazije the world of Mimco living, with all of your senses. Allow yourself, through play of colours, textures and perfect forms, to imagine only yours dream home, vibrating with energy and attitude. Define and organize your home to reflect the most beautiful and best version of yourselves.




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