mimco living


Mimco living, handcrafted custom pieces, do not lag behind prestigious European and world’s furniture manufacturers when it comes to the quality, form and functionality, and our interior designers are able to offer impeccable and innovative solutions for furnishing any type of your space.

The philosophy of design of Mimco living is to inspire people to become themselves creators of their living space.  

The mission of Mimco living is to offer to our clients the highest quality furniture, supreme materials and innovative solutions to organise their space. To let them be what they are in their own home and to live their lives, because it’s not beautiful forms that make our lives fulfilling, but rather memories attached to them.   

The team of Mimco’s top experts, designers, architectures, stylist and fashion artists invites you to experience in our Showroom at Terazije the Mimco living world, with all of your senses.

mimco living


Mimco living provides to its clients a full range of services, from the concept of the whole space you live or work in, through design, performance and execution of all interior works, to the final furnishing and creating the environment to reflect your personality and your style.  

When designing the living space by Mimco living, custom furniture pieces and decorations, we are governed by passion and inspiration, but also by professional responsibility and skills as a final touch on the impeccable design, quality and functionality.


Showroom visit is possible only through a scheduled appointment



Terazije 16, 11000 Belgrade
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