The life may be not perfect, but your home or office can be. Aligned with your desires and possibilities, perfect for your needs, the space which says a lot about you. Every chair, chest of drawers, drape or shelf is your intimate reality you show only to privileged ones, and therefore it must be made with style and character. 

From the moment when we select materials, through shaping to achieve an ideal form, to the moment when we deliver you the furniture, every moment is a challenge and a new chance for us to push the limits of creativity and conceptual solutions. Every designing and manufacturing phase is carried out by our experts who are focused to the maximum extent to satisfy the highest quality standards, fulfil the requirements of our clients, and transmit the energy of the Art Living concept to the living space.

mimco living

The team of interior designers of Mimco living is always ready to interpret any desire and style of every client to design the space which will make you feel comfortable, nice and privileged. The Mimco living custom furniture is personalized and inspiring for fitting in, and powerful to convey the atmosphere of your home and office space. Therefore, we are looking forward to any new idea of the life our furniture pieces will live in your environment.  

Your dream home can be a blend of classical and modern elements, luxurious and contemporary, warm and elegant, original and distinctive, joyful and bold, remarkable and opulent. Your dream home can be whatever you may like, and Mimco living will be a safe and authentic guide to make your dreams come true.

Interior Design

The Mimco living interior design team consists of exceptional experts, who perceive your space as your identity, which represents and defines you to a great extent. This is why it is important to us to get to know our clients, in order to understand their desires and needs which we shall, thereafter, turn into extraordinary spaces and marvellous forms. 

Interior design includes focusing on every segment of the space, from the appearance and functionality of walls, to the position of the desk lamp and choice of fabrics for drapes. Every detail matters, and Mimco living interior designer are fully committed to arrange with passion all these elements in a harmonious and distinctive whole you will show with pride and enjoy enormously.


Mimco living professionals in the field of interior architecture will keep track of the process of designing your space from the very beginning, from concepts and ideas to the final visual and functional experience. Every design is a challenge to us and possibility to show and prove our skills and, irrespective of whether the renovation of the existing or construction of a completely new space is concerned, we are able to shape and create the world which is completely yours, in which you will live and work smoothly. We are aware that any space, wherever it may be located and no matter how it may look at the beginning, carries immense possibilities to implement fantastic architectural solutions which will fully satisfy your and our expectations.

Technical Design

In order to create perfect living spaces, vibrating with style and attitude and providing to our clients ease, beauty and comfort to the maximum extent, our approach to every interior design project is responsible, personal, and fully dedicated. The Mimco living’s expert team will explore and interconnect all important moments and elements, which are necessary for creative, innovative solutions in the interior design. Technical drawings, concepts, detailed designs, interior space plans, appearance of the furniture and decorations will be aligned by us with your lifestyle, your possibilities, preferences and needs.

FF&E Design

Furniture, fittings and equipment.

The Mimco living’s designer team will design your space in the way which enables you to enjoy it in numerous ways. The Mimco living’s interior designers will help you choose exactly those pieces of furniture and things to decorate and embellish your everyday life, providing you the safety, comfort and confidence that you may live and work in an absolutely authentic way. We pay full attention to all details, from choosing a perfect sofa, drape colour, selection of artworks and decorations to be placed on a chest of drawers. We do not look at them as small things, but rather as life itself. On your journey to get a perfect, personalized space, our team will be always available and lead you through the process of harmonious alignment of the interior design with architectural solutions. Respecting your distinctiveness and individuality, the ultimate target in designing and furbishing the interior is to create an ideal and unique space for living and work.


The Mimco living concept of designing the space and furniture to furbish and revive it, implies full commitment to every segment, which is important and inevitable in the entire process, from the concept to the implementation, from the desire to the final form. That’s why we opt to work only with supreme materials we purchase in Serbia and abroad as well. The supreme quality is the imperative in our work.  Without making compromises, we accept nothing but the best and we are pleased to have the opportunity to choose exclusive products of which we create the world of Mimco living. The time we invest in every slightest detail during the process of designing and furnishing the living space is commensurate to the satisfaction of our clients, who become also our friends and who bring us always new energy and inspiration.


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